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Nutrition Guidance for Health, Healing & Aging

Teaching science-based holistic health.

The journey to health can be as subtle as the journey to illness or disease. It takes a partnership: my guidance and support and your commitment and patience, which will lead you back to optimal health. Your goals may be pain-free digestion, increased energy, vibrant immune system, healthy weight and body composition, and/or restful sleep. These are all attainable. We will identify and address the root causes of why your body is out of balance. Once I review your information I’ll be able to recommend a program that will provide the best support for you meeting your goals.

"I was experiencing gastro problems and severe bloating. Maureen felt we first had to heal the gut and everything else would follow. The first step was a 7-day diet diary listing the foods I ate as well as how I felt after eating. This was very enlightening to me. We don't normally take notice of how certain food make us feel.

After the diet diary, Maureen gave me a list of foods I could eat for a 3-week elimination diet. I have never had such success with an elimination diet in the past. First of all, it was easy to stay on. There were plenty of foods to eat and feel satisfied, and even an occasional dining-out worked out ok. There were supplement recommendations which I began taking and have continued taking. In addition to feeling great after the 3 weeks I also lost 10 pounds.

Maureen also charted my medical records from all my doctors and found where some labs had not been taken in over a year. We also worked on reducing some of my medications which I have been successful in achieving.

Having someone work with you one-on-one is so helpful in achieving your goals and having better health."

- Terry P, Denver, CO

Intake & Health Appraisal

Your journey will not look like anyone else’s. It starts with you completing a comprehensive intake and health appraisal that allows me to get to know you better and guide the development of a plan that will best meet your goals.

Diet Analysis

Completion of a 7-Day Diet Diary will help me learn more about your food choices, where you may have nutrient deficiencies, and about other aspects of your lifestyle.

Lab Analysis

Lab work tells us a lot! I review your labs from a functional medicine perspective, and in combination with other assessment tools will help provide the best framework for developing a program that will bring you lasting results. Depending on your symptoms, health appraisal and traditional lab results, it may be necessary to also run other functional laboratory and digestive tests.

Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation

Unfortunately, the food we eat does not always provide enough of the nutrients our bodies need to function efficiently and effectively, especially when our body systems are compromised with illness or disease.

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